Sunday, June 17, 2012


Sorry for the lack of updates, we've been busy recording and writing two records, dubbing live tapes, other side projects, and playing shows. I promise, a lot of stuff is coming soon--the live tape will be ready in two weeks at the latest, we're down to mixing four new songs, and a winter tour is beginning to be planned. It'll all come together

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pagan Punx Listening Party

Check out UK's Pagan Punx Listening Party with Slices, Otro Mundo and others: PAGAN PUNX


Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Here's the NME article with Milk Music. Mentions Otro Mundo, Sex Vid, The Men, and California X. Europe is whacko!
Been doing too many drugs lately, haven't posted anything because I'm a lazy slob. If you're interested in an update, we've been writing new songs for a possible LP or another tape. We're also playing Cloud Nothings on February 28, more info on that in a couple days.
Our friends interviewed us recently for a zine, so we'll be posting that here soon too!

Friday, January 6, 2012

KDVS Live Set

Otro Mundo, Live on UC Davis, KDVS Radio

Click here to download

Click here to stream (by Monday night)

Otro Mundo on NME's 100 New Bands for 2012

In stores now! CHECK IT OUTTT

More Press: Phoenix New Times: Otro Mundo
"​British tabloid NME has a penchant for overstating it -- you know, a new "savoir of rock" every couple weeks -- but they're right on the money with this one"

One more: AZ Central on Otro Mundo

Only seven "Jellied" tapes left, buy one before they're gone!

Olympia, WA 1/03

Heart-Thrush, last song
The long drive home

Portland 1/02

 Stopping at Mcdonald's in Weed, California was one of the best choices we made
Jes/Otro Mundo

Thursday, January 5, 2012

UC Davis Radio, 12/31

Otro Mundo, Live on KDVS Radio

Acid Dawgz, Live on KDVS Radio

Big ups to DJ Rick for having both bands on his show. One of the coolest dudes we met on the tour

San Francisco/Oakland 12/30-31st

Day Show in SF
the drive
After show hangout with our crazy promoter, Tony
We stayed in the underground room of Richard Ramirez, Bay Area serial killer. HARSH VIBES
this is the boiler room directly next door: Richard Ramirez

Got stuck in Traffic at Pier 23 and got a perfect view of the fireworks

Los Angeles 12/29

 Acid Dawg
Saw our friend play a set in LA, Bleak End At Bernie's
 Occupying LA
The hope we need

San Diego

Here's some pictures from San Diego

                                                                       Acid Dawgz
Sewn Leather

We've been on tour with Acid Dawgz for the past week or so and I probably should've updated this web page, but I got really lazy and decided smoking weed and hanging around different cities was better. So, I'm gonna post a bunch of press we've been getting, videos/pictures of the tour and audio from some live sets.